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  • Anniversary dates 2018

    Audi Anniversary Dates 2018

    In their digital booklet entitled "Anniversary Dates 2018", Audi Tradition provides information about the most important products, records and milestones in the history of Audi. There, prospective customers can learn more about the previous brands of the Four Rings and about groundbreaking models like the Audi V8.
  • 11/10/11

    Around the world in a year with Audi Tradition

    “Discover Worlds with Audi Tradition”: This is the title of the Audi Tradition calendar for 2012, with 13 different classic vehicles from the company’s history of more than 100 years pictured in 13 different countries – all the way from Eastern Europe to America. The aim is for the cars to tell a story, whether at a classic car event, a photo shoot or in those special moments in years gone by when Audi Tradition rediscovered vehicles from its own history which had almost been forgotten.
  • 12/04/02

    The publication of a new book

    A car without a logo? Unimaginable! In the car industry logos symbolise the "inner value", the message of the brand, and they ensure the continuity and recognition of the cars. The history of AUDI AG, which extends back to the 19th century, is particularly rich in logos and badges that were used on vehicles with the Audi, DKW, Horch, Wanderer, Auto Union and NSU brand names.
  • 12/14/01

    100 years ago: the first Horch car originated in a stable New book about the life and work of August Horch

    August Horch is considered one of the pioneers of the German car industry – the first Horch motor car took to the streets of Cologne's Ehrenfeld district 100 years ago, and it is 50 years since the death of the man who was among the very first automotive engineers. This is reason enough to recall his life's work – the systematic refinement of the motor car of the early days into an object that much more closely resembles the present-day car. The August Horch Museum in Zwickau has brought out a book that celebrates the life of August Horch as both an engineer and an individual. This commemorative biography, entitled "Pionier der Kraftfahrt" ("Pioneer of the Motor Vehicle") is based on many years of research by the author Jürgen Pönisch. The book is 218 pages long, and is illustrated with 284 photographs (some published here for the first time), as well as 110 documents.
  • 10/31/01

    “Auto Union GP” – a photographic portrait of the Auto Union race cars

    The legendary Auto Union Silver Arrows dominated the major races of the 1930s, winning 32 of 54 races up to the end of 1937. The battles fought out between the Auto Union race cars and the Mercedes single-seaters are unforgotten. Names such as Hans Stuck, Bernd Rosemeyer and Tazio Nuvolari are inseparably linked with the Auto Union Silver Arrows. The famous photographer Peter Vann has now paid tribute to these impressive racers in his fascinating illustrative book “Auto Union GP. Race and Record Cars”. Due to be published in October, his book illustrates the restoration of these unique vehicles and the exciting search for clues to the whereabouts of those race cars that had been lost without trace. Elaborate photo stories show the timeless beauty of the Silver Arrows with the four rings. A historical outline with plenty of background information, plus details about the technology and design of these legendary race cars round off this photographic volume.
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