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As a service provider for styling, technical development, and prototyping, Italdesign supports automotive manufacturers worldwide. Italdesign is not only a coachbuilder and an important player in mobility, capable of influencing market changes with new and innovative designs as well as technologies. In recent times, Italdesign has become a system developer for automotive electronics such as infotainment, ADAS (advanced driver-assistance systems), and high-voltage battery systems. The company is thus able to provide support in solutions for software-defined vehicles (SDV).

The company, headquartered in Moncalieri (Turin, Italy) and part of the Volkswagen Group since 2010, currently employs 1,107 people in Italy and abroad. In 2022, Italdesign was certified “Top Employer Italy” for the eighth year in a row.

To celebrate its first 55 years in business, the company unveiled its new corporate identity. Italdesign aims to reinforce its global position as a technology enabler and a hub ready to expertly support international customers by uniting different industrial sectors, to promote and develop innovation. One example for this is the modular mobility concept Climb-E, unveiled by Italdesign at CES 2023 in Las Vegas.

Thanks to its strategic partnership with Capgemini, Italdesign is strengthening its initiatives in the field of ESG (environmental, social, governance). The company is thereby laying the foundation for its first Corporate Sustainability Report in 2024, based on 2023 sustainability policies and performance results. Rooted in its social responsibility, Italdesign has initiated both ongoing and temporary activities to reflect the company’s commitment to social issues.

At the service of industrial design since 1981

Established in 1981, Italdesign’s Industrial Design Division is one of the most renowned players in the field of automotive design and development worldwide; it conducts business internationally and has staff at its headquarters in Italy as well as in Spain, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Turkey, Russia, China, Japan, and South Korea.

In its more than 40 years of history, during which Italdesign has worked in several fields and collaborated with national and international organizations, over 1,000 projects have been accomplished from concept design to production.

Cutting-edge techniques used in design and three-dimensional modelling make Italdesign highly competitive in project development timelines and hence in time-to-market for new products.