• Chief Executive Officer of Italdesign S.p.A.
Antonio Casu

Antonio Casu was born 1971 in Turin.

His career within Italdesign began in 1998. After a degree in Mechanical Engineering by the Politecnico of Turin, he worked in various roles for different customers worldwide within the technical development of Italdesign.

Since 2005 he worked as Responsible of the Body Exterior Development Department; in 2011 he was appointed as Head of Upperbody Development, including Exterior, Interior development and A-Class Surfacing. From middle 2013 to middle 2016 he worked at Audi in Ingolstadt as Upperbody Development Project Manager.

In August 2016 he took over the Upperbody Development Responsibility at Italdesign in Moncalieri.

Starting November 2016, he was Italdesign Chief Technical Officer. In October 2021 he has been appointed CEO.