Volkswagen do Brasil Industria de Veiculos Automotores Ltda. in Curitiba, Brazil

Audi do Brasil has been manufacturing the models Audi Q3 and Audi Q3 Sportback at its plant in São José dos Pinhais in the state of Paraná since mid-2022. The Audi Q3 has been the gold standard in its segment following the introduction of its current generation to the Brazilian market in 2020. It became the best-selling Audi in the country in its very first year.

The history of Audi production in Brazil began at the site in 1999 with the first generation of the Audi A3, which was produced until 2006 when the plant went into hiatus. In 2012, the Brazilian government created Inovar-Auto, a subsidy program for technological innovation and strengthening the production chain for motor vehicles. Consequently, Audi do Brasil decided to manufacture vehicles in the country again. To that end, the company invested around €150 million in the Paraná plant. Production at the updated facility started in 2015 with the A3 Sedan, which was built there until the end of its life cycle in 2020.