On clinching a surprise win of the English Premier League in the 2015/2016 season, his home club, Leicester City, achieved something that Jamie Green, most recently, just barely missed twice in the DTM.

Green is a soccer fan and, actually, Liverpool FC is his club. But having grown up in Leicester, he obviously keeps his fingers crossed for the squad of his hometown as well and last summer was tremendously happy about its unexpected title win.

In the DTM, Green was a candidate for the title in the past two years nearly up until the end of the season but ultimately had to settle for runner-up in 2015 and for third place in the 2016 season. “Finishing the DTM in the top three twice in succession is a strong achievement and bodes well,” says the Briton who competes in car number 53, a number his father used to race with. “It shows that we always had chances of becoming champions. That’s why in 2017 the title can be the only goal. I continue to be fully motivated, work hard for it and, at the moment, am generally very happy with my life, also aside from motorsport.”

With his wife, Ginny, and their three children Green lives in Monte Carlo on the Côte d'Azur. Their oldest son is now seven and received his first Bambini kart in winter. His father used the opportunity to buy a racing kart for himself and now practices on a small race track near San Remo in Italy together with Zachary once a week.

Green is convinced that he will benefit from his new hobby in the DTM as well: “Karting is perfect practice for me. The track is small and my kart very fast. It’s a great physical and mental challenge because everything happens extremely fast. That sharpens your fitness and your senses.”

Green used to dedicate most of his free time to riding a road bike. This passion has been unbroken and continues to be part of his fitness program. In Monaco, his adopted country, he regularly meets for a “coffee shop ride” with fellow race drivers like Paul Di Resta and Lucas di Grassi or former campaigner such as Alex Wurz or David Coulthard. Their bike tours usually take them to the town of Ventimiglia, just across the French-Italian border. “A few British businesspeople and professional bikers regularly join us as well,” relates Green. “It’s a nice mix of people from various backgrounds and cycling continues to be my most important cardio training. In addition, I go to the gym twice a week with a trainer. When I’m traveling I run. That’s the easiest thing to do.”

During the winter and summer breaks, the five Greens regularly go home to England. “We have a large garden there which we obviously don’t have with our apartment in Monaco,” says the Audi driver. “We also meet with old friends again at home and the children get to see their grandparents.” Moving back to England is on the family’s mid-term agenda: “This year, it won’t happen yet, but perhaps in 2018.”

While spending his last summer vacation at home, Green rediscovered karting. It was an excursion back to his roots. Initial attempts in stock car races were followed by a karting and single-seater career. The title in the 2004 Formula 3 Euro Series was ultimately the springboard for the DTM in which he made a name for himself with four victories at the Norisring, among other things.

In spite of his success there, the Norisring is not his favorite track in the DTM. “It features thrilling racing and gripping overtaking maneuvers but, in terms of driving, the Norisring isn’t a track that’s particularly good fun. My absolute favorite in the DTM is Zandvoort – an old-school track with long and fast turns that hardly exist anymore today. Having won there for the first time in the DTM last year means a lot to me.”

At home, in Monaco, the Briton relies on an Audi Q7. “In Monaco, with three children, it’s simply the best choice,” he says. “In England, I have another car, an Audi RS 6 Avant – a fantastic automobile.”

In the development of the new Audi RS 5 DTM, he handled the lion’s share of the testing work in winter together with Mattias Ekström. “Because we don’t have many test days in the DTM it’s important to always have the same drivers in the car. That really works well with the two of us. I hope that’ll also be reflected by the new car being fast ...”


Jamie Green (GB)

Date of birth: June 14, 1982
Place of birth: Leicester (GB)
Residence: Monaco (MC)
Marital status: married to Ginny, one daugther (Georgiana), two sons (Zachary and William)
Height/weight: 1.78 m/67 kg
Motorsport since: 1992 (Audi driver since 2013)

Sporting career
Stock car
1994–2000 Kart
2001 British Formula Renault Winter Series
2002 2nd British Formula Renault Championship
2003 2nd British Formula 3 Championship
2004 1st Formula 3 Euro Series
2005 6th DTM
2006 5th DTM
2007 4th DTM, 2 victories
2008 4th DTM, 2 victories
2009 7th DTM, 1 victory
2010 6th DTM, 1 victory
2011 5th DTM, 1 victory
2012 3rd DTM, 1 victory
2013 11th DTM (Audi RS 5 DTM)
2014 10th DTM (Audi RS 5 DTM)
2015 2ndDTM (Audi RS 5 DTM), 4 victories
2016 3rd DTM (Audi RS 5 DTM), 1 victory
2017 3rd DTM (Audi RS 5 DTM), 2 victories

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