• Free music event on July 21 at the Audi Forum Ingolstadt combines sound experience and laser projections
  • Musicians and visual artists interpret the sound of electric cars
Audi Summer Sounds uploaded

At Audi Summer Sounds uploaded, the Piazzetta of the Audi Forum Ingolstadt will be transformed into a stage for DJ tunes and sound and light art on Thursday, July 21. The open-air event will be a holistic composition where guests can experience music and the sound of modern mobility in a variety of ways.

To kick off the event, the Ingolstadt DJ duo “housElectroniker” will perform, until four musicians and two visual artists present their sound and laser show at nightfall. The artists made compositions by sampling sounds that were originally created in Audi Sound Design for the e-sound of the Audi e-tron GT quattro. Using different ranges from the frequency spectrum of the sound, the musicians created samples of just a few milliseconds to two seconds. Some frequencies were emphasized, and others lowered, until a unified result was achieved with components such as lead elements, drum and synth sounds, and songwriting.

The electric sound of the e-tron GT quattro is itself the result of a creative process, one basic idea of which was to make the process for creating a car’s e-sound similar in principle to composing music. Inspired by this, the Audi sound designers, among them an enthusiastic musician, went on a search for the sound basis of the e-tron GT quattro. They even used various musical instruments – trying out, for example, sounds from the violin and electric guitar or the sound of the Australian didgeridoo. In the end, one of the sounds chosen was the sound produced when a stream of air escapes from a ventilated plastic tube.

Ultimately, the sports sound of the Audi e-tron GT quattro was composed of 32 individual sounds – and it, in turn, has inspired the artists’ live performance at Audi Summer Sounds uploaded. On stage, they use its modified sounds together with additional ingredients like drums, bass, synthesizer, and violin, also combining these elements with vocals. The show is enhanced with synchronized visual components, turning the event into a holistic composition of sound and light. Through their live performance, which also features a laser projection installation, the artists want to combine the dynamics of sounds with the brilliance of visuals. The performance is intended to make music visible and bring it as close to the audience as if it could be touched.

Costume designer, video producer, and filmmaker Eva Bienert and communication designer Max Mörtl are the two visual artists responsible for visual design at the event. Bienert’s work encompasses the creation of fantastic miniature worlds, including live visuals. She deals intensively with the themes of transformation, change, and development. Mörtl works as a freelance director of animated films, among other things. The visualization of music is an essential part of his work.

The sound art at the event was created by two women and two men. First, there is violinist Teresa Allgaier. Equally at home in contemporary chamber music as in improvisation, electronics, and jazz, Allgaier has performed with a wide variety of ensembles in Germany and abroad. Versatility is also a strength of composer Theresa Zaremba, who devotes herself to diverse genres ranging from chamber music to songwriting. Besides writing music for films and television plays, Zaremba is also active as a singer and instrumentalist. The team is joined by Georg Stirnweiß and Matthias Fischer. Stirnweiß, who studied electric bass jazz, is a passionate live musician, playing around 120 concerts a year worldwide with bands such as Jazzrausch Bigband. In addition his work as a musician, he specializes in the production of concert and music videos. Fischer, who studied jazz drumming and is a lecturer at the University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, has been advising creative artists since 2013 as an official representative for popular music for the district of Upper Bavaria.

Since Summer Sounds was launched in 2014, the district of Upper Bavaria and the Audi Forum Ingolstadt have regularly cooperated on the event series and together offer a stage for musical talents, especially from the electronic music scene. Audi Summer Sounds uploaded, which features DJs and a sound and light performance, ties in with this partnership. The DJ duo “housElectroniker” will kick off the event on the Piazzetta of the Audi Forum Ingolstadt on July 21 at 5 pm. Around 10 pm, at nightfall, the music and laser show will start. Food trucks will offer a wide range of food and drinks throughout the event; admission is free. If canceled due to the weather, the event will take place instead on July 28.