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Ingolstadt/San Francisco

Audi Study: No Congestion in the City of the Future

Audi study „25th Hour – Flow“: No Congestion in the City of the Future
Platooning: In the future, with an increasing proportion of AVs on our roads, traffic will benefit overall from a more harmonized manner of driving. According to various studies this effect together with the realization of shorter headways between AVs, can lead to a higher capacity of roads and intersections.
  • The research project “25th Hour – Flow” simulates the traffic flow in Ingolstadt
  • The future of urban mobility: people will have more time, cities more space
  • Melanie Goldmann, Audi Trend Communication: “Autonomous cars, services, and networked infrastructure reduce traffic jams and road space”

How much time will we save in a city with autonomous cars, ride sharing and smart traffic management? Answers are given by the Audi study “25th Hour – Flow”. Partnering with the traffic experts at the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT) and the Munich consultancy MobilityPartners, the research simulated the future of mobility in Ingolstadt/Germany. According to the study, a lasting reduction in travel times can be achieved on a typical commute: in fully automated traffic by one third, even though over ten percent more people are on the road. The prerequisite is that the trend towards sharing takes hold.

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