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Awareness of a sustainable lifestyle is growing. More people might prefer to walk, travel by bicycle, or use public transportation. In addition, smart ride-sharing is gaining ground. According to several academic studies, people under 40 years of age are quicker to accept ride-sharing than previous generations. This might increase the number of passengers per car, the so-called occupancy rate – a very influential parameter for traffic flow. If convenient and low-cost services mean that an average of only one and a half (1.5) people share a car, and, at the same time, the traffic infrastructure becomes a thoroughly transformative digital network to orchestrate the different means of transportation efficiently, the effects would be impressive: Traffic in the example city Ingolstadt would flow at all times – even without robot taxis. With a share of only 20 percent of AVs, travel time on a typical commute could already be cut by 34 percent.

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