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Audi is researching the use of time in the robot car

“25th Hour” project: Audi is researching the use of time in the robot car
For the laboratory experiment at the Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart, Audi has specially built a driving simulator that reproduces the situation of automated driving: with a variable interior and without a steering wheel. Large-scale projections convey the impression of a city drive by night. Via displays, the researchers can introduce digital distractions, the windows can be dimmed, and the color of the lighting and noise background change.
  • Cooperation with Fraunhofer Institute experts on human-machine interaction
  • Laboratory experiment in a futuristic driving simulator
  • “25th Hour”: an Audi project to define the premium mobility of the future 

What is a premium experience like in a self-driving car? Audi is researching this in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO. In the futuristic driving simulator, the experts on human-machine interaction investigated, for example, how the car interior can become a perfect workplace. The findings help the car maker to provide every user with a personally optimized automobile interior in the future. This research cooperation is part of the Audi project “25th Hour.”

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