The infotainment concept in the new A1 Sportback comes from the full-size class. The MMI radio comes as standard in the new A1 Sportback—it can be operated via the multifunction buttons on the steering wheel and the display in the digital instrument cluster. Even in its basic form, it features a tuner, a map reader, four loudspeakers, a USB socket for charging and a Bluetooth interface.

MMI radio plus

With the MMI radio plus, the first option element, the cockpit gains an 8.8-inch MMI touchscreen in the cockpit of the new A1 Sportback, one that integrates seamlessly into the black-panel look. As with a smartphone, all commands are via touch input. Just as is the case with the big brother Audi A8, the new MMI touch operating concept also recognizes handwriting input with a finger trail, not even having to stop and wait for individual letters. The MMI radio plus can be combined with the Audi smartphone interface.

MMI navigation plus

In the top configuration of the infotainment system—the MMI navigation plus—the Audi A1 Sportback has a 10.1-inch MMI touchscreen on board. With an active data connection, up to four free map updates per year are automatically downloaded and installed. They can also be updated manually via SD card after downloading them from myAudi.

In conjunction with Audi connect, MMI navigation plus offers A1 Sportback drivers functions from the full-size class such as hybrid route guidance, which calculates the route in the cloud, taking into account the entire traffic situation. Hybrid destination entry—a combination of onboard and online search—helps customers find gas stations, parking lots, restaurants and hotels. It downloads information such as fuel prices, parking space availability or Yelp customer reviews and displays it directly in the destination pick list. Alternatively there is the option of a Google search. Additional highlights are the satellite map view and the new 3D city models, which offer a precise map view of many urban centers.

In dialogue: Natural-language interaction

The latest generation of voice control, which comes with the MMI navigation plus, further improves the dialogue between driver and car. It understands a large number of everyday expressions. A second microphone in the interior filters out disturbing background noises.

Commands like “I want to talk to Peter” or “Connect me with Peter” are now sufficient to call a contact. The navigation system also reacts to simple questions such as “Where can I get gas?” The same applies for the radio and media.

Tailor-made services: Audi connect

With MMI navigation plus, customers can also use the versatile online services from Audi connect. They provide such things as travel, parking and traffic information, access to Twitter and your email in-box, and enable navigation with Google Earth. The weather report and the latest fuel prices can also be queried.

Audi smartphone interface and Audi phone box

The Audi smartphone interface, which integrates iOS and Android smartphones via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in an environment specially developed for them in the MMI, as well as two USB interfaces ensure you are always well connected on board the new A1 Sportback. One of the two USB sockets features the new standard USB-C and a stronger charging output, such as for laptops.

Another option, the Audi phone box, connects the smartphone to the vehicle antenna for improved reception quality with LTE technology and charges the smartphone inductively via wireless charging according to the Qi standard.

Further optional modules round off the infotainment lineup. These include DAB reception and the “hybrid radio” function, which automatically and with no noticeable interruption switches from terrestrial radio (FM/DAB) to an online stream if reception is poor. The online stream allows customers to access more than 25,000 stations and podcasts from around the globe.

For even greater listening pleasure: two sound systems

The optional Audi sound system features eight loudspeakers including a subwoofer and a six-channel amplifier producing 180 watts. Customers can also choose the Bang & Olufsen Premium Sound System with 11 loudspeakers and 560 watts. Its 3D effect, with the windshield used as a reflecting surface for the four loudspeakers in the dashboard, delivers an extraordinary listening experience that is unrivaled in the segment. The additional layer of sound generated at head level by special algorithms really opens up the space acoustically.

*Fuel consumption and CO2 emission figures given in ranges depend on the tires/wheels used.

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The equipment, data and prices specified in this document refer to the model range offered in Germany. Subject to change without notice; errors and omissions excepted.