The RS 4 Avant (combined fuel consumption in l/100 km: 8.8 [26.7 US mpg]; combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 200–199 [321.9–320.3 g/mi]) weighs 1,715 kilograms (3,780.9 lbs) – 80 kilograms (176.4 lbs) lighter than the previous model. This weight saving is achieved by a geometric lightweight design and an intelligent material mix.

Heat-formed components form the high-strength, crash-resilient backbone of the passenger cell. These components are used to reinforce the transition area from the vehicle front end to the interior, the front zone of the windshield frame, the B-pillars, the side skirts and parts of the floor.

With its excellent torsional rigidity, the vehicle body lays the foundation for high-precision driving behavior and quiet driving. When it comes to passive safety, the high-performance Avant also scores top marks. In the interior, the adaptive child restraint system provides excellent protection at the front. It adjusts the effect of the front airbags and the belt force limiters to the seating position of the driver and front passenger, and the type of front collision.

Typical avant: High suitability for everyday use
For more than 20 years, the combination of an aesthetic design and functional utility has ensured the Audi Avant models have stood out from the competition. Within the Avant family, the RS 4 Avant plays a very special role – an RS icon with an unrivaled history dating back to 1999.

The maximum luggage compartment volume with the rear seat backrest folded down is 1,510 liters (53.3 cu ft). The backrest is divided in a 40:20:40 ratio, and can easily be folded down onto the seat padding using the levers in the luggage compartment. In its basic dimensions, the luggage compartment of the RS 4 Avant (combined fuel consumption in l/100 km: 8.8 [26.7 US mpg]; combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 200–199 [321.9–320.3 g/mi]) offers 505 liters (17.8 cu ft) of volume, 15 liters (0.5 cu ft) more than before. Its square-shaped profile enables optimum use of the luggage compartment area. The loading width measures exactly one meter (3.3 ft). A screen separator and an electric luggage compartment cover come as standard.

If requested, Audi will provide a gesture control system for opening and closing the luggage compartment lid (not with the Carbon optic package): A motion detector in the rear bumper responds to a kick movement, the lid unlocks, and opens automatically if the key is detected.

A remote control vehicle key and a stop-start button for keyless ignition are standard with the new RS 4 Avant. There is also a comfort key that enables keyless access to the vehicle, which is available on request.

The optional trailer hitch available for the RS 4 Avant for the first time. This unlocks electronically at the push of a button. The new RS 4 Avant can tow up to 2,100 kilograms (4,629.7 lbs) (up to an 8% incline).

The specified equipment, data and prices relate to the model range on offer in Germany. Subject to changes and errors. Figures on the fuel consumption and the CO2-emissions (found from page 2 onwards) vary in case of given ranges depending on the used combination of wheels/tires.