Audi Media Days #FutureReady

How is Audi organizing its transformation to a digital car company? What competencies will be asked of employees in the future? And how will the organization need to organize itself down the road? All of these questions will be discussed on the Spotlight Corporate Culture.

Audi Media Days #FutureReady Spotlight Corporate Culture

Interview with Sabine Maaßen: “Strategic roadmap offers guidance during the biggest transformation in our history”

How is Audi organizing the transformation for its employees? With clear objectives, new structures, and open communication, supported by the common Audi spirit. In this interview, Sabine Maaßen, Member of the Board of Management for Human Resources, and Stefan Kühl, organizational sociologist, provide further details.

Transformation in Technical Development: “We need to continuously evolve and adjust our processes and mindsets accordingly.”

Audi’s transformation is having a particularly strong impact on the company’s Technical Development Department. In this interview, Jan Michel, the department’s Chief Transition Architect, discusses objectives, methods, and a new understanding of leadership.

The Audi Media Days have been produced in compliance with all hygiene regulations. All people involved have been tested negative for COVID-19.