Audi is changing. Constantly. On the Spotlight Corporate & Business, Audi CEO Markus Duesmann, Head of Corporate Strategy Silja Pieh, Head of Digitalization John Newman, and Audi General Secretary Martin Primus will describe how the strategy „Vorsprung 2030“ and its implementation in the future look like, what processes are behind them, and how additional innovations are ensuring „Vorsprung durch Technik“.

Electrifying test drives

“Vorsprung 2030“: Audi accelerating transformation

Audi strategy focuses on profitable growth and differentiation: Audi wants to be a sustainable, social, and technological leader by 2030. The premium brand wants to offer electric vehicle customers an unparalleled onboard system with its own ecosystem.

Silja Pieh, Chief Strategy Officer, AUDI AG

Silja Pieh – architect of a new Audi strategy

The automotive industry is going through a massive transformation – and Audi is right in the middle of it. In the premium automaker’s own transformation, Silja Pieh plays an important role. She leads Audi’s Corporate Strategy Department. 

Electrifying test drives – putting preconceived notions to the test

Many people view switching from a vehicle with an internal combustion engine to an electric car as a monumental step. In reality, however, it is significantly less eventful – as four Audi employees recently discovered during test drives in the all-electric Audi Q4 e-tron

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