• Series of events at Audi Forum Ingolstadt from 8 October to 9 December centering on sustainability and social responsibility
  • The Green Market kickoff event will highlight so-called “Green Neighbours” from the region and their contributions to sustainability
  • Member of the Board of Management for Human Resources Dr. Sabine Maaßen: “At Audi, social commitment and sustainability shape our self-image”
Events at the Audi Forum Ingolstadt

From October to December, the four rings are hosting the “Green Neighbour Weeks”, a new series of events at Audi Forum Ingolstadt focusing on the site’s social commitment to environmental protection. Over the course of nine weeks, event visitors will have the opportunity to dive deep into the topic of sustainability through live talks, a film series, and at the Green Market kickoff event.

The Green Market: From the region, for the region

The Green Market will kick off the Green Neighbour Weeks on Friday, 8 October from 10 am to
6 pm. Guests to the market set up on the Audi Forum Ingolstadt plaza will be introduced to sustainable products and hands-on activities from the region. All exhibitors will be “Green Neighbours” from the greater Ingolstadt area: Actors who help advance environmental protection in the region through sustainable concepts and thus assume responsibility for future generations.

"At Audi, we live our social commitment in a variety of ways. Both in Ingolstadt and at our other sites around the world, our social commitment shapes the self-image of our brand,” says Member of the Board of Management for Human Resources Dr. Sabine Maaßen. “It is in this spirit that Audi strives to be a good neighbor. Initiatives such as the Green Market and the Green Neighbour Weeks promote environmental awareness and partnership with people from the region.”

Guests to the Green Market can also learn about Audi’s current projects on environmental protection, such as how Audi is fighting for the protection and conservation of biodiversity through its environmental program “Mission:Zero” or how the company designs its sites to be close to nature. They can also get a glance at how Audi is working together with partner companies from the region to advance sustainability through short transportation distances and regional value creation. Guests young and old can also look forward to a variety of hands-on activities.

Those hungry for delicious specialties as well as information on supply chains, waste avoidance, and recycling can visit food trucks. Various “Green Neighbours” from the region will present exhibits with information for guests as well as a range of tasty snacks and drinks, craft and trade items, and upcycling solutions for sale.

Guests can also learn interesting facts about environmental and sustainability programs in the region and get great tips about how we all can be more sustainable at home and in our own gardens or mobility habits.

Much more to come: The Green Neighbour Weeks continue into early December

Following the kickoff event, the Green Neighbour Weeks will offer the interested public plenty of opportunities to discover sustainability-related topics at Audi Forum Ingolstadt: At the
AFI live | Talk event on Wednesday, 13 October, Markus Wasmeier will discuss his efforts in natural conservation. The former World Cup alpine ski racer will discuss his private open-air museum that he hopes will bring environmental education to life for visitors. Wasmeier will also talk about his latest “Biene Pauline” project, initiated in cooperation with the Audi Environmental Foundation. The Foundation will host another live talk on Tuesday, 30 November, with Prodip Chatterjee, whose startup, Nunam, developed so-called second-life energy storage systems from used batteries. Together with the Audi Environmental Foundation, the Audi Art House Cinema will show a series of films all about sustainability as part of the Green Neighbour Weeks; the final installment will hit the big screen on Thursday, 9 December.

Our social and environmental self-image: AUDI AG as a “Green Neighbour”

Audi trainees at the Green Neighbour Weeks are also demonstrating that at Audi, being a good neighbor means social and environmental commitment. For the Green Market on Friday, 8 October, trainees converted a decommissioned test e-vehicle into an insect hotel. Young visitors to the Audi plaza can pitch in to finish up the exhibit and leave their mark on the paint job with colored pencils. The trainees also invite our young visitors to go on a ride with their Audi e-tron Racers. These small electric carts are easy and safe to drive for kids aged four to ten. Before or after they zoom off in an Audi e-Tron Racer, our young guests can also learn and win prizes in the trainees’ environment quiz and spin their very own wheel of fortune.

The health and safety of our guests and employees isnumber-one priority of Audi. Visitors to Audi Forum Ingolstadt are reminded that they must comply with the applicable regulations on hygiene and social distancing. While inside the Audi museum mobile, the Audi Art House Cinema, and the food court areas as well as at events such as the Green Market, visitors must comply with the 3G rule (visitors must be vaccinated, recovered, or tested) .