• The popular festival for young and old will run from June 23 to mid-July 2023
  • Symphony concerts, chamber music, and children’s concerts are all in the works – some initial highlights have already been fixed, while the full program will be released in the spring
  • Ukrainian violinist Daniil Gonobolin, who studies at Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra’s Karajan Academy on an Audi-sponsored scholarship, will appear as a soloist
Audi Sommerkonzerte

The anticipation is already building: the dates and initial program details for the Audi Summer Concerts 2023 have been fixed. The concerts will take place from June 23 to mid-July 2023 in Ingolstadt. Advance ticket booking is now open for two concerts: a performance by the Signum Quartet from Bremen and a special collaboration between the Audi Young Persons’ Choral Academy and Duisburg Philharmonic Orchestra. The dates have also been set for the popular open-air concerts in Ingolstadt's Klenze Park: Audi would be delighted to see you there on June 30, July 1, and July 2.

In a rich calendar of Audi cultural engagement, the Audi Summer Concerts are an undisputed highlight: With their top-quality performances of classical music and experimental formats, the concerts are well known and loved in the Ingolstadt region and beyond. In 2023, the Audi Summer Concerts will take place in Ingolstadt from June 23 to mid-July. There will be a diverse program for young and old alike, featuring symphony concerts, chamber music, children’s concerts, and much more besides. The popular open-air event in Klenze Park will also be back, this time with three concerts.

Audi is not a sponsor of the summer concerts, but the organizer – and therefore an innovative promoter of cultural life in Ingolstadt. The summer concerts are designed as a festival for the whole family. As well as being part of the Audi ArtExperience cultural initiative, they form part of the corporate citizenship activities of the Four Rings brand. Audi sees its role as being a good neighbor in the cultural sector, as elsewhere, with social engagement in the city and the region.

“Between Arcadia and Anarchy” and “Scenes from Goethe’s Faust”

The definitive festival program is still in the works and the full schedule will be announced in the spring. However, two highlights have already been confirmed: On June 25, 2023, the Signum Quartet from Bremen will be performing at the Audi museum mobile. “Between Arcadia and Anarchy” is the motto of the evening. Part one will feature classic works from the likes of Schubert, Mozart, and Stravinsky, while part two – titled “Rock Lounge” – will have tunes from rock bands such as Cream, Led Zeppelin, and Radiohead.

There will also be an experimental flavor to proceedings on July 7 when the Audi Young Persons’ Choral Academy will team up with the Duisburg Philharmonic Orchestra at the Auditorium (Festsaal) of Ingolstadt Municipal Theater to perform Robert Schumann’s “Scenes from Goethe’s Faust” – accompanied by video visualizations created by director Michael Sturminger, who has been responsible for the “Everyman” production at the Salzburg Festival since 2017. The co-production by Audi Summer Concerts and Duisburg Philharmonic Orchestra signals the direction in which the summer concerts are heading. In future, the organizers want to focus increasingly on producing their own concerts so as to give the festival a special character. The musical direction for the evening will be in the hands of Principal Conductor Axel Kober, who regularly directs large operatic productions at prestigious venues such as the world-famous Bayreuth Festival. Soloists will include Franz Josef Selig as Mephisto, Kerstin Avemo as Gretchen, and Michael Nagy as Faust.

Audi-sponsored soloist from Ukraine

A special feature of this summer’s festival is the participation of the young violinist Daniil Gonobolin from Ukraine. With the help of Audi sponsorship, he is studying at the Berliner Philharmonic Orchestra’s Karajan Academy. At Audi Summer Concerts 2023, he will be performing with the Georgian Chamber Orchestra at the open-air event in Klenze Park. His education is being funded out of the proceeds from the fund-raising campaign at Audi Summer Concerts 2022. All revenue from ticket sales in 2022 were allocated to Ukrainian relief causes. In addition to the support for Gonobolin, a donation was made to Ingolstadt’s Simon Mayr School for Song and Music, which had developed a special program to support up to 30 Ukrainian refugee children in the school year 2022/23.