• On June 24, 2023, Audi employees are teaming up with multiple organizations to champion social causes in Germany, Hungary, Belgium, and Mexico
  • The events, activities, and initiatives planned for Audi Social Day cover a wide range of social issues, including supporting children, older people, people with disabilities, and refugees, as well as sustainability
  • Audi CHRO Xavier Ros: “Audi Social Day is about belonging. We are coming together as ‘Team Audi’ and looking forward to playing our part as a good neighbor!”
Audi Social Day

A very special date for Audi is almost here: Audi Social Day. On June 24, 2023, staff from all Audi production sites worldwide are joining forces to support social institutions and take positive action in the regions where they are based. With the event, the Four Rings are promoting a sense of belonging among employees and strengthening the social fabric of the communities to which Audi itself belongs.

Under the motto "We live responsibility,” the program includes outreach to kindergartens, care homes, refugees, and people with disabilities. In total, around 1.000 employees at the Ingolstadt, Neckarsulm, Győr, Brussels, and San José Chiapa production sites, as well as colleagues from ABI (Audi Business Innovation) in Munich and AIA (Audi Interaction) in Berlin and Potsdam, are set to get involved. Projects are taking place both on-site and digitally via online sessions. There are also international cross-site projects, bringing the total to well over 80.

Xavier Ros, Member of the Board of Management of AUDI AG for Human Resources (CHRO), said: “Audi Social Day is about belonging. As a corporation, we have a responsibility to our communities around the world. On this day, we are coming together as ‘Team Audi’ to live up to this once again. We all look forward to playing our part as a good neighbor!”

From creating an adventure for children to beautifying a care home

The events, activities, and initiatives planned for Audi Social Day cover a wide range of issues. For example, Audi employees from Ingolstadt will be working with ELISA, an association supporting families caring for severely ill children. On Audi Social Day, they will take a group of siblings of these sick children on a climbing adventure. And a special guest is joining them too: Felix Neureuther, a former World Champion skier and Audi brand ambassador. On Audi Social Day he will also introduce his foundation's project, "Beweg dich schlau" ("Move smartly"), for kindergarten children in Ingolstadt for the first time.

Neureuther said: “Audi and I have been deeply committed to social causes for many years. Being part of ‘Team Audi’ for this special event and championing social causes with thousands of Audi employees is an absolute delight and an honor. I’m very much looking forward to Audi Social Day!”

Near Audi’s Neckarsulm plant, volunteer employees and the Audi Frauennetzwerk (Women’s Network) are going to beautify a roof garden at a care home. The outdoor space is to receive many upgrades, making it more enjoyable and stimulating for the seniors, thus contributing to their well-being.

Highlights from Audi’s international sites

One of the Social Day initiatives taking place in Brussels is centered on a local association that aids refugees. It will hold an Open Day the day after Audi Social Day, and Audi employees will help organize it. Ahead of the event, around 50 volunteers from Audi will give the building a make-over, including a thorough clean and paint touch-ups. In addition, they are planning to set up a stage, a playroom for babies, and several food and beverage stands.

At Audi’s Hungarian site in Győr, employees are joining in with the construction of a center that handles and distributes charitable donations to people in need. Among other things, Audi staff will be working on building renovations, installing IT systems, and putting up shelves. Additionally, the structure and its surroundings will get a splash of color, thanks to volunteers applying fresh paint and putting in several plants around the building.

More planting will take place in Mexico. Fifty employees from the Audi site in San José Chiapa are volunteering to plant 210 trees native to the region in a local park. There, the new trees will contribute to local biodiversity in the community of Ciudad Modelo.

Creating a more accessible world with Wheelmap

Audi employees have long been promoting inclusion by doing their bit to create a barrier-free world. As part of Audi Social Day, these efforts are set to culminate in a key initiative. On June 24, 2023, employees will map wheelchair-accessible areas around Audi’s sites using “Wheelmap.” As part of Audi Social Day, they will tour their local areas and assess the wheelchair accessibility of different locations via Wheelmap. And, of course, anyone else wishing to participate can do so using the map from anywhere in the world.

The map, which has been available since 2010, is designed to assist wheelchair users and others with mobility impairments in planning their day by displaying which places and buildings are wheelchair accessible. The more users contribute to Wheelmap and enter information on different locations, the more accurate and valuable the service becomes. To mark Audi Social Day, Audi is also donating €50,000 to the non-profit association Sozialhelden e.V., which runs Wheelmap, to expand the map further. Specifically, the donation will go towards including more information on barrier-free vehicle charging and parking – both essential to individual mobility. Audi is also making further donations to local charitable organizations participating in Audi Social Day at the Audi production sites.

Ongoing commitment to accessibility

Audi is making accessibility its mission beyond the Social Day. With its Audi charging hubs, the brand is making a head start on providing accessible charging infrastructure. Inclusion is also practiced within Audi’s production sites and offices.Many people with physical disabilities contribute daily to the company's success as employees. The company aims to create the conditions for them to make the best possible use of their skills. To this end, it supports them throughout their working lives.

A good corporate neighbor: Audi’s understanding of corporate citizenship

Audi is a major employer at all its locations worldwide and, as a good corporate neighbor, is committed to the local communities. With a common understanding of corporate citizenship across all sites, Audi brings social commitment to life in a way that is tailored to the respective region. The brand champions social causes, culture, education, and sports in the surrounding areas. For Audi, neighborship also means sticking together no matter what.

With the international Audi Social Day, the brand is taking its activities one step further.

Audi employees will share impressions under the hashtag #AudiSocialDay.