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Audi TechTalk Carbon Neutrality

Audi e-tron Production at the CO2-neutral plant of Audi Brussels

Audi wants to be a net-zero carbon emissions company by no later than 2050. By 2025, the company plans to offer more than 20 fully electric, battery-driven cars. At the same time, Audi wants to reduce the ecological footprint of its fleet – specifically, by 30 percent as compared with 2015. One central goal is to make production carbon neutral at all sites by 2025. This has already been achieved as an interim target at Audi Hungaria and Audi Brussels. The premium brand is keeping all its processes in sight: the sourcing of raw materials and production itself, but also the utilization phase and recycling or reuse at the end of a car’s life cycle.

Complete information and press material can be found here.

Spokesperson Procurement and Sustainability
Phone +49 841 89 42048
Mobile +49 152 57715666

Biographies of the participating experts

Marco Philippi – Head of Procurement Strateg (102 KB)
Rüdiger Recknagel – Chief Environmental Officer Audi Group; Managing Director Audi Environmental Foundation (89 KB)

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