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Audi and KIT are working on recycling method for automotive plastics

Audi and THINKTANK at KIT are working on recycling method for automotive plastics
  • Pilot project launched: chemical recycling is to enable a closed loop for plastics from automotive engineering
  • Repurposing: recycled plastics waste is processed into pyrolysis oil, which can subsequently be used for new components
  • Marco Philippi, Senior Director Procurement Strategy: “We want to establish smart circular systems in our supply chains and make efficient use of resources”

A large number of components in automobiles are made from plastics. They have to meet exacting safety, heat resistance and quality requirements. That is why, so far, only petroleum-based materials have been suitable for manufacturing plastic components in automobiles that are subjected to particularly intensive wear. Such materials are not recyclable in most cases. Whereas plastics of the same type can often be mechanically recycled, recycling of mixed plastic waste poses a major challenge. Audi and the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT) are therefore launching a pilot project for chemical recycling as part of the “Industrial Resource Strategies” THINKTANK in order to feed such mixed plastic fractions back into a resource-conserving circular system.

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