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Upcycling at Audi: a new lease on life for packaging

Mission:Zero at Neckarsulm site: Audi is shaping the future of production, consistently and sustainably
  • Plastic material cycle pilot project: waste being transformed into assembly aids for vehicle production
  • 3D printing project combines sustainability with safety and ergonomics
  • Achim Diehlmann: “Completely sustainable automotive production is the goal.”

A new pilot project being implemented at Audi’s Neckarsulm site, among other initiatives, highlights just how important the sustainable use of resources is to the company. At this location, Audi produces 3D-printed assembly aids for vehicle production – and as of recently, from waste that is generated right there on site. These assembly aids are not only made of recycled material, they also promote ergonomic and safe work processes and are tailored precisely to the requirements of the employees. As such, the project is helping the company achieve the objectives of its cross-site environmental program “Mission:Zero.”

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