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On the path to a digital car company with smart production

Virtual reality and 3D scans:  Digitally planned production of the Audi e-tron GT
  • Audi using digital solutions to make production more flexible and efficient
  • Audi Production Lab and Automotive Initiative 2025 integral part of the group’s digital strategy
  • Audi’s global production network will be part of Industrial Cloud in the future
  • 5G, 3D printing, RFID, machine learning, and AI – cutting-edge technologies leading the way to the smart production

Audi is working at full speed to digitalize its production and, as a result, the working environment in areas such as planning, assembly, logistics, maintenance, and quality assurance at the five production facilities the company operates itself around the world. A number of groundbreaking projects with technologies such as 3D printing, 5G, apps, and virtual reality are already revolutionizing operational processes and creating synergies and new forms of global networking. Read on for an overview.

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