Markus Duesmann

“Is there hope for a new economic boom after years of war and crises?” was the topic at this year’s Ludwig Erhard Summit for decision-makers from business, politics, academia and the media. Audi CEO Markus Duesmann kicked off the second day of the event with a keynote on sustainable mobility. At the subsequent panel discussion, he took a stand on the future of green mobility and shared his thoughts on the challenges and opportunities presented by the energy transition. The key takeaways at a glance:

On sustainable mobility …

  • “In 2021, Audi was the first carmaker to set a firm phase-out date for internal combustion engine technology. Now, political moves like the Inflation Reduction Act in the U.S. confirm we are on the right track.”

On the energy transition in Germany …

  • “Climate change is forcing our hand in switching to renewable energy sources as fast as we can, with the war in the Ukraine yet another catalyst in moving away from fossil fuel imports. We need to turbocharge the energy transition in Germany.”
  • “In addition to developing new technologies, we also need new ideas for the energy transition on a public-private partnership level, both concerning energy generation and storage.”

On international competitiveness …

  • “High industrial electricity prices weigh heavily on companies. These prices threaten Germany’s status as a business location. Discounted rates would help keep jobs safe.”
  • “The U.S. Inflation Reduction Act has real impact as a catalyst for sustainable tech. There’s just no way that a company focused on the bottom line can pass on a considerable subsidy like this. That’s why we’re taking a close look at how we can grow our activities in North America.”
  • “The energy transition is a great opportunity for Germany and Europe to become even more competitive. Based on cutting-edge sustainable technologies, we can develop an independent European position, one we can represent on the global market. The way we see it, protecting the climate and increasing exports are in no way mutually exclusive. Rather, they are our USP.”

The Ludwig Erhard Summit is an annual get-together of opinion leaders and decision-makers from the worlds of business and politics organized by the Weimer Media Group. The two-day event is hosted in Gmund am Tegernsee, Germany. This year’s speaker roster included German politicians Christian Lindner, Lars Klingbeil, Friedrich Merz and Ricarda Lang. In addition to contributions by CEO Markus Duesmann and CMO Hildegard Wortmann, who took part in the panel “Germany needs courage, not fear”. A long-standing mobility partner of the summit, Audi presented its activesphere concept and provided current e-models for the guest shuttle service.

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