• Gender-sensitive language in internal and external communication from March
  • German language policy and guidelines as an orientation aid for employees
  • Member of the Board of Management for Human Resources Sabine Maassen: “We are making corporate values  clear in our language”
Language for more diversity: Audi is addressing gender

To raise the profile of gender diversity, Audi is introducing gender-sensitive language at its German locations from March, thereby also taking a stand for equality in communication. This reform is regulated by a corporate policy. Broadly, it states that all genders and gender identities are to be addressed as equals and with appreciation.

In order to better represent the diversity of genders in the future, March will see Audi begin to establish a set of guiding principles for language that will embrace all gender identities. “Appreciation, openness, responsibility and integrity are the foundations of our corporate culture,” emphasized Sabine Maassen, Member of the Board of Management for Human Resources and Organization at AUDI AG. “We are making this clear in our language.” Communicating in a gender-sensitive way is a matter of respect and an expression of an attitude that opposes discrimination and welcomes diversity.

Audi wants to make gender-sensitive wording omnipresent in internal and external written communication from its German locations: in statements from the Board of Management, on the Audi intranet and in press releases.

Equal opportunities at Audi

Gender-sensitive language alone does not establish equal opportunities – Audi is conscious of that. That is why the company is specifically championing equal opportunities and inclusion. Thus, Audi has set goals for women not only on the Supervisory Board but also on the Board of Management and at management level. If you define and set goals, you must create a comprehensive basis for achieving them: As a result, the brand is promoting innovative new working formats such as job-sharing, creating better conditions for balancing work and family life and offering training on unconscious prejudices in order to firmly establish a new mindset at the company for the long term. In addition, Audi has been actively promoting women through special programs for a long time, e.g. through cooperation with the female business club nushu.