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Flood donation: 800,000 euro for long-term reconstruction and emergency relief

  • Audi employees donate more than 416,000 euro, the company topped up the total to 800,000 euro.
  • Member of the Board of Management for Human Resources Sabine Maassen: “In addition to emergency relief, we hope our donations will advance the long-term reconstruction efforts in the flood-hit regions.”
  • Chairman of the General Works Council Peter Mosch: “We live social responsibility and solidarity, even beyond our factory doors.”

Audi and employees donate a total of 800,000 euro to aid those affected by severe flooding in 2021. In July, intense rains and flooding ravaged many areas of Germany, including Rhineland-Palatinate, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony, and southern Bavaria. To aid the distressed, the company and the Works Council issued a call for donations.

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