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Audi urban concept (2011)

Audi Urban concept 01
Audi urban concept

Audi is breaking new ground: The Audi urban concept technology study is a 1+1 vehicle for urban and metropolitan areas. The electric powered show car has four wheels, but does not fit into any current automobile category. Weighing just 480 kilograms (1,058.22 lb), the Audi urban concept combines elements of a racecar, a roadster, a fun car and a city car into a radical new concept. It has the potential to become the trendsetter for a new form of mobility.

Recent Press Releases

  • 08/10/11

    The Audi urban concept – a completely new kind of concept car

    Audi is once again opening up new horizons: the Audi urban concept is a 1+1-seat, ultra-light car for congested urban spaces. The technical study, which will be shown at the Frankfurt Auto Show (IAA) 2011, does not fit under any of the conventional categories – the Audi urban concept combines elements of a racing car, a fun car and an urban car into one radical new concept.

Basic Information

  • 09/15/20

    More dynamic than ever: The Audi S3 Sportback and S3 Sedan

    Even more dynamic, even more striking, and fully digitalized: Audi presents the new S3 Sportback and the new S3 Limousine. With 228 kW (310 PS) of power, the 2.0 TFSI engine accelerates the compact S models to country road speeds in 4.8 seconds. The seven-speed S tronic, the quattro drive, and the sport suspension deliver the power to the road and guarantee emotional pleasurable driving. Additional new features – including the operating concept, infotainment, and assist systems – round off the profile of the S3 models.
  • 09/10/20

    Dynamic, fast, and electric: The Audi e-tron S and the Audi e-tron S Sportback

    Audi is launching its first two fully electric S models – the Audi e-tron S and the Audi e-tron S Sportback. Their three electric motors, two of which are located on the rear axle, together provide 370 kW of boost power and 973 Nm (717.6 lb-ft) of torque, Vehicle safety and vehicle dynamics in particular have reached a new level: In addition to the electric all-wheel drive, the cars are equipped with electric torque vectoring, which provides active and fully variable torque distribution on the rear axle.

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