Audi A1 Sportback concept

Audi unveiled the A1 Sportback concept study at the Paris Motor Show: The 3.99 m (13 ft) long and 1.75 m (5.7 ft) wide vehicle combines dynamic lines with outstanding use of space and top quality. At the same time, visionary technological solutions demonstrate innovations in efficiency, dynamics, and driving fun.


  • Audi A1 Sportback concept Audi A1 Sportback concept
    At the Paris Motor Show (October 2-10, 2008), Audi is unveiling the A1 Sportback concept study: following on from the Audi A1 project quattro, the three-door show car presented in 2007, this is a concept for a five-door four-seater for the sub-compact class – once again exhibiting all the characteristics of a genuine Audi. The 3.99-meter long (13.09 ft) and 1.75-meter wide (5.74 ft) vehicle combines cutting-edge, dynamic styling with optimum economy of space and supreme quality. At the same time, a series of visionary technical solutions take efficiency, dynamism and motoring pleasure into new territory as only Audi knows how.