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San José Chiapa, Puebla

Sustainability, top employer, and premium quality:
AUDI AG board members visit the San José Chiapa plant

The Mexican plant is the first plant in the Group to be free of external water discharges.
  • Peter Kössler, Board Member for Production and Logistics at AUDI AG: “The San José Chiapa plant is an essential part of our Audi production network. As a plant with sustainable water management and no wastewater discharge, its clear path toward carbon-neutral production makes Audi México a model to follow.”
  • Dirk Grosse-Loheide, Board Member for Procurement and IT at AUDI AG: “Audi México has the technology to build its vehicles according to the certification ‘Made by Audi.’ Its young talent is of utmost importance, as they are the ones who drive the constant innovation that further optimizes processes.”
  • Dr. Sabine Maassen, Board Member for Human Resources and Organization at AUDI AG: “The initiatives promoted by the Audi plant in San José Chiapa show that we are not only committed to being a top employer for the well-being of our employees, but that we also care about the development of the region where the plant is located.”
  • Dr. Tarek Mashhour, Executive President of Audi México: It is very important for us to welcome the AUDI AG board members. This reinforces the confidence that the Audi Group has in Mexico and in San José Chiapa".

Audi México was visited by three members of the Board of Management of AUDI AG. The reason for their visit to San José Chiapa was to meet the employees responsible for the smooth operation of the factory, which represents a valuable member of the Audi Group’s production network. Audi México is a benchmark in the implementation of the latest developments in resource efficiency and manufacturing processes. During the visit, the AUDI AG board members toured various areas of the plant, which is responsible for producing the Audi Q5 for the entire global market except China.

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