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Supply chain monitoring:
Audi uses artificial intelligence (AI) for sustainability

Audi TechTalk: Green Technology
  • AI as a risk radar: intelligent early warning system analyzes publicly available sources in more than 50 languages for sustainability risks in the supply chain
  • Early detection of environmental, human rights, and compliance violations with the help of AI
  • Audi testing how suppliers meet the required sustainability criteria within the scope of a pilot project since October 2020

The automotive manufacturing supply chain is complex. This makes it all the more important to understand potential risks and identify correlations at an early stage. Since October 2020, intelligent algorithms have been analyzing news about suppliers from publicly available online media sources and social networks as part of a pilot project being conducted in around 150 countries worldwide. This analysis encompasses sustainability criteria such as environmental pollution, human rights violations, and corruption. If there is any suspicion of potential sustainability violations, artificial intelligence sounds the alarm.

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