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Second life or recycling? BattMAN rescues batteries from a needlessly short lifespan!

Picture: Robin Krause (Battery development business unit management for recycling and 2nd life, left) and Joachim Wöhle (Technology Development Planning Department Salzgitter) test used batteries with BattMAN ReLife in Salzgitter (Advice: All persons pictured fulfill the 3G requirements.)
  • Audi Brussels, Volkswagen Group Components develop new quick check system
  • BattMAN ReLife evaluates battery health in minutes
  • The result shows which cells and modules can be reused

The question is on the minds of everyone who is interested in e-mobility: What happens to the battery when an e-vehicle has reached the end of its service life? The answer is simple: The new analysis software BattMAN ReLife checks their state of health in just a few minutes. Starting immediately, the quick check system will be used as a means of initial diagnosis in battery recycling at the pilot plant that Volkswagen Group Components has been operating in Salzgitter since the beginning of the year.

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