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San José Chiapa, Puebla

More than 5,200 Audi México employees united in climate change solutions

  • #Project1Hour is a large-scale campaign by the Volkswagen Group to mobilize its employees worldwide for climate protection
  • More than 100 areas of Audi México united for climate action
  • Niels Bosse, Vice President Human Resources and Organization at Audi México: "Today, on International Earth Day, we take action together with our more than 5,200 employees to reduce our carbon footprint. #Project1Hour allows us to work together towards a common goal, a more sustainable world".

Today, on International Earth Day, the Volkswagen Group is launching its global #Project1Hour campaign to tackle climate change. In one hour of working time, more than 660,000 employees will be part of this worldwide campaign. In Audi México, more than 400 group leaders, managers and directors will be part of this campaign with their teams to work together, based on workshops, in order to raise awareness about climate change, discuss, propose ideas or projects and personal commitments that contribute to a more sustainable world.

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