For many years now, Audi has been one of the most popular companies for university graduates and school leavers. In the renowned employer rankings published by the consulting companies Trendence and Universum, Audi took leading positions and therefore continues as the top address for students in Germany. The company needs experts, and not only for its innovative areas of lightweight construction, electric mobility and connectivity. Audi places emphasis on promoting its own young talent. By supporting students with internships, dissertations, doctoral theses and the dual study mode, Audi seeks to form a relationship with talented young people as early as possible, to encourage them, and to keep them at the company with attractive development opportunities and working conditions.

The Audi Group further expanded its workforce at all sites in 2014, and now employs 79,483 employees worldwide, 55,927 of whom work in Germany. 40,027 people are employed at the Ingolstadt site, 1,644 of whom are apprentices (1,310 manual-technical, 194 commercial and 140 dual study mode). In September 2014, 483 young people started their vocational training in 22 different occupations in Ingolstadt (336 male and 147 female). 40 of them started a dual apprenticeship and in parallel will gain a qualification entitling them to study at a university of applied sciences.

The age structure of the company is changing, and Audi’s workforce is gradually aging. Audi long ago recognized this trend and acted accordingly. Numerous measures have been taken to ensure that our employees remain fit and healthy into old age. The focus is on prevention. At the site in Ingolstadt for example, ergonomic working conditions have been created in production and in the offices. The health check-up that is available to all employees is one factor helping to maintain the good health of the workforce.

With more than 200 different working-time arrangements, Audi helps its employees to combine family and career. The company is continually expanding the “Audi Play Space” child-care concept, which combines all activities relating to child care. This includes for example reserved places in kindergartens near the plant and child-care offers for school holidays; or flexible short-term child care available to employees’ children on an hourly or daily basis – when an unexpected meeting or business trip comes up, or when the kindergarten is closed. The promotion of women also plays a major role at Audi: The company has set itself the goal of continually increasing the proportion of women at the Group – from apprentices through to senior management.