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The Audi Q2: Off to new adventures

The design: rugged and youthful. The engines: powerful and efficient. The handling: sporty and agile. The equipment: functional and diverse. The Audi Q2* combines characteristic SUV features with the agility of a compact sports car with a length of 4.19 meters (13.7 ft).

“With the Audi Q2, we are venturing into a new market segment, bringing top technologies into the smallest member of our Q family,” said Dr. Stefan Knirsch, Audi Board member for Technical Development. “Connectivity, infotainment and assistance systems feature solutions from the full-size class. The powerful motors, sportily tuned suspension and quattro permanent all-wheel drive make the Q2 very fun to drive.”

*The fuel consumption and emissions values of all models available on the German
market and named in this text are listed on the last page of this document.

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