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Speech Los Angeles Auto Show 2013 - Press Conference

Ladies and gentlemen,

Audi is a synonym – for innovation AND for emotion. Even more: for passion.

For racing, for example: from the legendary Silver Arrows to the thrilling Sport quattro and now our dominant Le Mans prototypes.

Our passion for cutting-edge technology: Technology that set standards for the industry like quattro all-wheel drive or LED lighting. Our passion for performance: From the R8 supercar to our fascinating 560-horsepower RS7, recently launched in the US. The same kind of passion animated our designers and engineers to develop one of the most fun to drive and attractive compact cabrios on the planet:

The new Audi A3 Cabriolet is a completely new car and it’s the only model in its segment to come with quattro all wheel drive, just in case you want to go snowboarding in the mountains of Snow Valley in the morning and cruise on Sunset Boulevard in the afternoon!

Great design, premium quality, technical innovation on every single part and thrilling driving dynamics. Customers in the US are recognizing all of this. Audi has become the best European brand in this year’s Consumer Reports reliability ranking – so your head and your heart can lead you to the same decision. Audi sells more sporty cars in the US than anywhere else. That makes us happy and encourages us to continue with our approach. Since 2011, we have seen the complete renewal of the Audi RS line up.

After the great success of the TT RS, we launched the RS 5 last year. This coupé is also selling very well. And the new RS 5 Cabriolet started this April. And just a few weeks ago, the Audi RS 7 arrived at US dealerships. This automobile is a true highlight and clearly boosting emotional connection to the brand. I can’t say it better than one journalist who wrote: “There are many luxurious sedans on the roads these days. None of them looks as primally dashing, as sensually satisfying as the new Audi RS 7.”

Never before Audi has offered a wider range of RS models. And we are not finished. There will be more to come. We will focus on establishing Audi Sport – the Red Rhombus as the symbol for top-of-the-range Audis.  We will leverage the connection between motorsport and series production even more. And we will upgrade and create a dedicated environment in order to offer an unique purchase and ownership experience to the Audi Sport customers.  

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is another step forward in our effort to become the leading premium car brand worldwide.

We are the leader in Europe, we are the leader in Asia and we know we have to try hard to catch up with our two other German competitors in the US. But with today’s announcements, I think that when they look in their rear-view mirrors, they will find that we are indeed closer than we appear.

Thank you.

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