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Audi TechTalk Sound & Acoustics

Audi TechTalk Sound & Acoustics

For Audi, the sound of the audio system and the acoustic properties of a car are central quality attributes. What began with a radio and a speaker has developed into immersive 3D sound for a holistic sound experience. Customers today expect an environment in the car that simultaneously relaxes, inspires, and fosters concentration on driving – without disruptive background noises and with signal, warning, and informational sounds that are harmonically attuned to each other.

The “TechTalk: Sound & Acoustics” outlines the philosophy and methods behind sound development at Audi. We explain what constitutes the distinctive Audi sound and how Audi integrates the future possibilities of implementing acoustics in each specific model.

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“The car will be like a concert hall and the passengers will be sitting in the middle of it.”

“For good sound, not only is measurement technique crucial, but a trained ear as well,” says Dr. Tobias Gründl. The head of Audi’s Sound and Acoustics Development department shines a light on what premium sounds like – and

The Audi sound system: tailor-made acoustics for every Audi model

What effect do sounds have on people? And how does Audi translate its customers’ subjective auditory sensations into the car as objectively as possible? With the help of sophisticated sound development, Audi is reaching its acoustic objectives.

Audi’s sound philosophy is bringing acoustic harmony into the car

Natural, holistic, and perfectly attuned to each model: At Audi, the sound of the audio system is among the central attributes of quality. To that end, the premium brand regards sound and acoustics as far more than just the quality

Audiophiles Dr. Tobias Gründl and Michael Wisniewski – or: Many roads lead to sound design

Sound design can be learned as a trade, but it is a passion above all. Enthusiasm for creating intensive emotional experiences is what drives an audiophile. A sound system has to bring happiness – that's their aspiration.

Audiophile – or: Many roads lead to sound design

Wolfram Jähn on his start in sound design: “I put together my first speaker system in my bedroom when I was twelve; I’ve always been fascinated by technology. And music...

Creaking, chirping, and humming: how a special team localizes car background noise

Tracing, analyzing, and correcting disruptive noises in cars – that is the mission that Audi’s Rustle and Rattle team has dedicated itself to. For that purpose, the acoustics professionals send vehicles over vibration tracks and mix in

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