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Virtual robots support Audi employees working on PCs

Virtual robots support Audi employees
  • Audi introduces robotic process automation (RPA), as of 2020 also in combination with artificial intelligence
  • Software robots, so-called bots, relieve employees of monotonous PC work
  • Audi Board of Management Member for IT Martens: “Digitalization of processes gives employees more time for more interesting work.” 

Colleague robot moves into the office: Audi is now developing bots to carry out monotonous tasks for employees at PC workstations. The digital robots can perform tasks such as entering data or creating standardized reports faster, more efficiently and without errors. The company wants to relieve its employees of such work so that they can concentrate on complex and value-adding tasks. For this purpose, Audi built up development expertise in the area of robotic process automation (RPA) last year. In mid-2019, Audi IT founded a center of excellence that provides the central platform for RPA.

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