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US Architects Höweler + Yoon are the winners of the Audi Urban Future Award 2012 with their proposals for Boston/Washington

  • Architecture prize goes to proposals for the “New American Dream” in Boston/Washington
  • Stadler: “We will derive the requirements for the city of the future from Höweler+Yoon Architecture’s proposals”
  • Award ceremony flanks Istanbul Design Biennial

The Audi Urban Future Award 2012 is presented to the American architecture practice Höweler + Yoon Architecture for their proposed concept for modern urbanization in the Boston/Washington metropolitan region. With their ambitious planning and architectural idea of the “shareway” the American team of architects revolutionize commuting between places of living and work. Their basic idea is to merge individual and public transport by means of a new kind of mobility platform. This combines existing infrastructure with intelligent flows of traffic and networks. For their holistically controlled traffic system Höweler + Yoon Architecture are awarded prize money of 100,000 euros.

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