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San José Chiapa/Ingolstadt

One year of Audi México: Superb results achieved

  • Audi Board Member for Production Dr. Hubert Waltl: “Construction work proceeding on schedule”
  • Thomas Sigi, Audi Board Member for Human Resources: “Tailor-made training offered for our employees in Mexico”
  • New supplier network ensures high local value creation
  • Audi Board Member for Procurement Dr. Bernd Martens: “Deep localization generates more than 20,000 jobs in the area”

The start of series production of the Audi Q5* in mid-2016 is approaching: One year after construction work started in Mexico, the progress that has been made on the future plant site of Audi México is readily apparent, and work on the building shell is advancing rapidly. Employee training activities are also moving forward at full speed. There are already
700 local employees on board in all. With the newly created supplier network, 65 percent of value creation can now take place locally.

Un año de Audi México: un balance brillante
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