Audi Sport GmbH is turning up the metaphorical dial and raising the sportiness of the Audi RS 4 Avant and the Audi RS 5 to a multiple power. The new competition packages are full of extras that both enhance their sporty appearance as well as ensuring maximum dynamics and driving enjoyment. The potent twin-turbo V6 delivers 331 kW (450 PS) and 600 newton meters of torque.
See how Audi Sport GmbH pushes the limits of driving dynamics on the RS 4 Avant, the RS 5 Coupé, and the RS 5 Sportback even further with the competition plus package.

You’ll find all the details about the Audi RS 4 Avant, Audi RS 5 Coupé, Audi RS 5 Sportback with competition plus package here.

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