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FutureCityFactory: mastering urban challenges together

Audi Urban Future Initiative at the International CES electronics fair 2014
With the initiative FutureCityFactory, Audi’s Production division and the Network of Automotive Excellence have brought cities, scientists and business people around one table for the first time, to discuss opportunities and ideas related to shaping the urban manufacturing of the future.
  • Shaping urban production of tomorrow with FutureCityFactory
  • Kickoff conference with dialog between business, science and cities
  • Goal: establishing cross-industry pilot projects

By the year 2050, more than 70 percent of the world’s population will live in cities. Which challenges will this bring for industrial production, distribution and services? At the Audi Conference Center in Ingolstadt, 140 representatives from the areas of business and science held discussions with urban and transport planners at the kickoff of FutureCityFactory, an initiative of Audi’s Production division with the Network of Automotive Excellence. The goal is to establish cross-industry cooperation on technological pilot projects.

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