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Ewald Kluge and his greatest victory

  • 65 years ago this world-famous DKW rider became the first German to win his class in the Isle of Man TT, the world’s toughest motorcycle race

Every year, when the first week in June comes round, a small island in the Irish Sea is transformed into a motorcyclists’ mecca: it is TT race week, and the winners can be sure of a permanent place in the motorcycling hall of fame. This event on the Isle of Man, the most arduous road race held anywhere in the world, took place for the first time in 1907. For 30 years, the winners were always British riders on bikes made in the United Kingdom, possibly because outsiders had no opportunity to practise on the course, and the weather was too unpredictable for them to cope with. None the less, a TT win was the ultimate goal for riders of every make of bike.

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