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Audi travolution: efficiently through the city

Efficient urban driving – the Audi travolution project
Audi travolution - Traffic light phase assistant
  • Communication between traffic signals and cars lowers emissions
  • Audi presents further ‘travolution’ project developments
  • Test drives for journalists and traffic planners in Ingolstadt

Building highly efficient cars is one aspect of Audi’s ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ – making sure that they can be used for efficient journeys is another. The development teams at Audi see the task in its entirety, and examine the complete road traffic system. Their travolution project is a concept for a dialogue between cars and traffic signals. It reduces the amount of time spent at a standstill or accelerating, and in this way cuts the vehicles’ fuel consumption. Today, journalists and traffic planners are testing travolution on demonstration runs in Ingolstadt.

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