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20 years of Audi Space Frame – it all started at the Frankfurt Motor Show

Audi ultra-lightweight construction
The body of the new A8 weighs just 231 kilograms - thanks to its ASF architecture and an intelligent blend of aluminum and high-strength steel.
  • Body concept has revolutionized lightweight automotive construction
  • Over 750,000 cars built using ASF construction principle
  • New Audi A8 the benchmark in its class for low weight

Audi comes full circle at the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA): Exactly 20 years ago the premium manufacturer presented the “ASF”(Audi Space Frame) in Frankfurt – on a gleaming silver show car whose innovative aluminum body concept revolutionized lightweight automotive construction. When the Frankfurt Motor Show opens next week, attention will again be focused on a car based on the ASF construction principle: the new Audi A8.

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