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20 years of Audi Ideas Program

20 years of Audi Ideas Program
The Audi Ideas Program celebrates its 20th jubilee. During that time, more than 58,000 employees have submitted ideas. The idea submitted by Günther Schiechl (left) and Manfred Schels (right) led to the car wash of the Audi customer center in Ingolstadt being converted to use industrial water.
  • Jubilee year with impressive results and numerous employee activities
  • Innovative ideas save a total of approximately 780 million euros
  • Thematic focus on sustainable concepts

AUDI AG celebrates 20 years of Audi Ideas Program with impressive results: 58,040 Audi employees submitted ideas for improvements in the past two decades, adding up to a total of 838,070 suggestions. From the ideas that were realized, Audi has derived a total benefit of 780 million euros. The company is celebrating the jubilee year with various activities such as participation in an Alpine rally and a special lottery with jubilee prizes.

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