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100 years ago: the first Horch car originated in a stable New book about the life and work of August Horch

August Horch is considered one of the pioneers of the German car industry – the first Horch motor car took to the streets of Cologne's Ehrenfeld district 100 years ago, and it is 50 years since the death of the man who was among the very first automotive engineers. This is reason enough to recall his life's work – the systematic refinement of the motor car of the early days into an object that much more closely resembles the present-day car. The August Horch Museum in Zwickau has brought out a book that celebrates the life of August Horch as both an engineer and an individual. This commemorative biography, entitled "Pionier der Kraftfahrt" ("Pioneer of the Motor Vehicle") is based on many years of research by the author Jürgen Pönisch. The book is 218 pages long, and is illustrated with 284 photographs (some published here for the first time), as well as 110 documents.

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