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Encounter – The Audi Technology Magazine 2/2015

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Screens hot off the press
Touch screens from a printer? Sound like science fiction, right? But physicists at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have succeeded with the help of X-rays to establish how molecules distribute themselves as the newly printed object cools. They observed that the plastic components decompose more easily through the addition of solvents with a high boiling point. As a consequence, the distance between the molecules decreases and conductivity increases. The microelectronic parts generated in this way are thin, flexible and lightweight. This technology will thus enable flexible displays, illuminated films and even paper thin solar cells to be produced inexpensively and with little energy input. The starting point for this is organic LEDs,

Image No: A158059
Copyright: Foto: Wenzel Schuermann / TU Muenchen - frei fuer Berichterstattung ueber TU Muenchen und Nanosystems Initiative Munich
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