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Encounter – The Audi Technology Magazine 2/2015

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The revolution – this time from beneath. With its four driven wheels, the Audi quattro of 1980 turned the automotive world on its head. Some typical features of this now truly legendary sports car are also immediately recognizable. The prop shaft and exhaust system now share the center tunnel (there was still no catalytic converter at this point), the center and rear-axle differential locks were still cable operated in this model from the early 1980s. Also immediately recognizable is that the front and rear axles are practically identical, just turned around. The only space for the large muffler was at the back of the car.
The only sign of the powerful five-cylinder turbo engine in this veritable classic (bearing the German H plate for the last five years) is the oil sump, but it also shows the mounting position well in front of the front axle.

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