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Encounter – The Audi Technology Magazine 2/2015

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The aerodynamic underbody is a major contributor to the cd figure of 0.26 achieved by the Audi A4 Avant. The engine bay is completely encapsulated, with a large section of plastic cladding protecting the underside of the occupant cell. The sum of all the small details also adds up to a substantial effect: The rear-axle suspension arms are individually covered, mini spoilers – including ones in front of the wheels and on the fuel tank – provide targeted airflow guidance. In combination with the rear-end design, the aerodynamically optimized underbody ensures minimal lift at the rear axle.
As shown by the rear-axle differential and the drive shafts, the car pictured is a quattro. Also clearly recognizable are parts of the suspension, most of which are made from aluminum. At the rear, a sophisticated five-link design replaces the trapezoidal geometry used in the previous model.

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