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Encounter – The Audi Technology Magazine 2/2015

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On the Audi 80 presented in 1972, aerodynamics were still a long way from being a topic. And it is also immediately evident why the cars of that era could be incredibly light and comparatively compact – the small amount of technology didn’t occupy much space. If the hood above the longitudinally mounted 1.3-liter four-cylinder with 55 hp were open, you would be able to see the stars to the right and left of the engine – unthinkable for the tightly packed engine bays of modern cars. The exhaust system is a single muffler with one narrow pipe and the rear axle not much more than that.
Nevertheless – the torsion-beam rear suspension with the front-wheel drive and the innovative negative steering roll radius at the front delivered excellent handling characteristics. The acronym EA 827 for the new range of engines would be with the entire Volkswagen Group for decades, and the curb weight of 835 kilograms shows that Audi was already leading the pack in lightweight design more than 40 years ago.

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