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Encounter – the Audi Technology Magazine 2/2012

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The finest of ridges and crevices cover the entire surface. The material looks uneven and restless on the image from the scanning electron microscope. The appearance, however, compared with what people actually feel with their fingers, is highly deceptive, because, what looks here to be positively porous, is actually soft and smooth to the touch. We’re talking about leather. The restless landscape shown by the images is, in fact, a sign of quality when it comes to leather. “The indentations that you can see on the scanning electron microscope images are hair pores,” explains Jörg Bernhardt-Moggl from Materials Technology, Interior. “The more pores evident in a specimen, the more natural and breathable the leather.” In Audi’s in-house lab, Bernhardt-Moggl and his co-workers test the leather specimens for durability. Not until they have passed 45 different tests are these leathers approved for use. This is how Audi guarantee’s durable quality that you can see and feel.

Image No: AT120272
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