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Encounter – the Audi Technology Magazine 2/2012

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The fibers layered above and below one another seem almost without structure. Innumerable and entangled, they dominate the image on the scanning electron microscope. It is precisely this effect that makes the material pictured to special, so pleasant and soft to the touch – Alcantara. “The fibers that make up Alcantara are so thin that they cannot be used individually,” explains Jürgen Frank from the Materials Technology, Interior department. “That’s why they are bundled together into strands that can then be processed together.” A complex and time-intensive procedure with an extremely attractive outcome: Alcantara is a premium textile that is breathable and hard-wearing. Moreover, the fibers take on virtually all colors. “The quality of the material suits our premium standards,” says Frank. “And through the various color variants, it offers a vast array of options in designing the interior of a car.”

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