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Encounter - The Audi Technology Magazine 1/2015

Leica Camera AG
At the start of the last century, cameras were large, awkward and inoperable y laypeople. The real breakthrough in the creation of a practical, inconspicuous cameras for everyday and journalistic use came from engineer Oskar Barnack in 1914 with the Leitz camera, known as the Leica. When the camera finally entered series production in 1925 it was a huge success. The Leica M was presented in 1954. In place of the previous screw thread, the lens was now attached using a bayonet fixing, which made changing the lens a great deal faster. For many years, the Leica M was the tool of choice for the world’s leading photo journalists. The digital era began in 2006 with the Leica M8. Today, the M is used primarily by ambitious amateurs and professionals who want to work particularly inconspicuously.

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